mercoledì 3 giugno 2015

Our truth about the experience with BT UK

My boyfriend and I we moved in a new flat in London and we 
tried to activate a Bt offer for fibra,tv and call the 12th of May. We also pay 50£ for activations fee. They wrote to us, the 22nd everything will be on...we're still waiting....:( we communicate from the 16th of May, they lied to us everyday, they change the day, they are so useless and making us stressed. Every day is a different person and everyday they change the situation. At the end we were so stressed that we requested to delete the order.... we had until last monday to keep the order on, but at the customer service they deleted our order before the 1st of June. Now they made another order at the phone...but, is different from the other tv and no promo of £125 visa card....We are exhausted... really.... then they added a fee of 130£ for an engineering visit not required, without asking us.

ah, we're not English so doing everything at the phone for us has been more
complicate that for a native speaker...and they have been not kind about
our gap... slang, too quick english and not will to really help us...

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